Nam Long Sales Gallery, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Type: Residential Sales Office
Client: Nam Long and Keppel Land
Project Involvement: Design Director

To be built on the side of a highway, Nam Long and Keppel Land wanted a Sales Gallery that would create a sense of mystery and intrigue while attracting the public to stop in and see what was inside. We designed a building in two volumes; the entrance was smaller and more compact, serving as the administrative centre, while the other end served as the exhibition space. Answering the brief, the outside was unique and unlike what was on display on the inside; the building was noticeable with a large feature window facing the highway.

Entering at one end, guests were taken on a journey, passing through as the ceiling increased in height, emphasising the importance of various points of the display, before coming to the crescendo to meet the sales staff at the point of sale.