Mirax Cam Ranh Resort, Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Type: Resort Hotel, Residential
Client: Mirax Group
Project Involvement: Design Director

Mirax appointed us to design a resort along one of the most beautiful stretches of untouched beach in Vietnam. Inspired by its natural beauty, we sought to maintain as much of it as possible by including its natural topography in our design.

The side adjacent to the road was flat while the land near the ocean had a natural dune. With only 15% density, we fed off the natural topography to contour the dune into our design, keeping much of the property toward the beachfront to ensure ocean views to as many residences as possible.

An L-shaped hotel is built into the side of the dune, and every room claims a view. Swimming pools cascade down the dune on one side and villas down the other; the villas are staggered to ensure views over the top of their neighbours, and we made living spaces that could be reoriented to capture the best views. Three condo blocks were created to ease the overall impact on the site and are located atop the dune, overlooking everything below while creating a backdrop for anyone looking back from the beach.