Lac Viet Resort, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Type: 6-star Hotel, Condotel, Villas, Beach Facilities
Client: Danh Viet, JSC
Project Involvement: Design Director

Designed as a coastal, year-round residential community, rather than a second-home or tourist destination, we were deeply inspired by the landscape and beautiful white-sand frontage. Incorporating a six-star hotel with luxury villas, the resort community is home to artificial lagoons with natural, potable, crystal blue water. Large elements of the residential area were created around water elements, which added a recreational aspect while ensuring each villa had its own waterfront, ultimately adding value to the lifestyle and property itself.

To maintain the neighbouring fishing community, we built an F&B village where local seafood is displayed and served at authentic restaurants as well as a marina where the fishermen could park their boats on the river before setting off into the ocean to fish. We also included a fishery museum to maintain the region’s history as well as culture and exhibit it to the burgeoning community.