Galaxy Mixed-Use Resort, Heng Qin Island PRC

Type: 5-star Hotel, Residential, Sport
Client: Galaxy Group
Project Involvement: Design Director

Galaxy Group contracted a masterplan that would incorporate five- and six-star hotels around the lagoons as well as two international 18-hole golf courses. To get approval from the Chinese government, the masterplan had to integrate sport and entertainment facilities, requiring a delicate balance between sport, recreation, and residential components, including villas for sale, which would ultimately fund the project.

With the Macau climate in mind and a brief to bring sport and hospitality to the foreground, we implemented a glazed dome to include an indoor spa, hot springs, and beach element, which would allow guests to enjoy all of the above any time of year. The lake also served as a recreational element with sailing, canoeing, educational scuba, and an ice rink.